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2009-12-04 17:53:51 by tfk17

ok so i been using this site for awhile now, and i decided to make an account. tried to post a few songs, but i dont know how to convert them to mp3, so. thats basically it, not much to tell, 'cept i love to have a good time. then again, who doesnt except your 4 billion year old english teacher. anyway, comment, friend me, (if it works like that), do whatever. just so im more integrated into here. thanks and i hope to talk to you soon ^^


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2009-12-05 07:31:14

Unlucky no comments, that happens alot cos not many people go to the blogs section. The more submissions you have and the more regularly you post on the BBS though the more people will come to your page and comment :D

Get audactiy dude!! oad/
It's free and you should be able to put your songs on it then save them as mp3's.
Also make sure the first piece of audio you submit is completely original and quite good because if your first one isn't very good, you'll get banned from the audio portal and I don't think you can submit any other audio after that.